Privacy Policy

Within this policy, we clarify the way we will handle your personal information and the use of Cookies.

Your privacy is important to Hash Cell Ltd. (hereinafter “HashCell™ Cloud”). HashCell™ Cloud is therefore pleased to provide this Privacy Policy to inform you of HashCell™ Cloud’s practices with respect to the collection, storage and use of your personal information (hereinafter “Data”).

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully to understand our policies and practices regarding your information and how we treat it.

By accessing or using our services, you agree to this privacy statement.

How HashCell™ Cloud collects information about you

In general, HashCell™ Cloud will only collect and store the Data you have provided if this is required in order to provide you with services and products you have ordered from HashCell™ Cloud or to answer your inquiry.

HashCell™ Cloud may collect your Data when:

You order a service from HashCell™ Cloud.

You participate in a HashCell™ Cloud survey.

You subscribe to HashCell™ Cloud newsletters.

You ask HashCell™ Cloud for more information about its services, or contact HashCell™ Cloud with a question, comment or complaint.

You submit an abuse notification to HashCell™ Cloud.

You use the HashCell™ Cloud network, HashCell™ Cloud infrastructure and/or other HashCell™ Cloud services.

In addition, HashCell™ Cloud may collect and transmit Data about you to the extent permitted by law from and/or to fraud-prevention agencies, referral partners and credit reference agencies.

What types of information HashCell™ Cloud collects about you:

Your name / company name, (business/private) address, VAT number if applicable, phone number and email address. We may also collect the URL from which you linked into our site, your IP address & ISP, your browser type and version, and a history of your actions on our website.

Your HashCell™ Cloud account information — such as HashCell™ Cloud services you ordered, domain name registration information, the IP addresses assigned to you, your customer ID, service charges owed and received, the use of HashCell™ Cloud services or any other information related to your account.

Your communication with HashCell™ Cloud — such as a recording of a call you make to HashCell™ Cloud, a chat transcript when you engage in a chat session on HashCell™ Cloud’s website, an email or letter you send to HashCell™ Cloud or other records of any contact you have with HashCell™ Cloud.

Information about your payment method, such as credit card number, bank account number or other banking information, transaction IDs & payment dates.

Information provided by you to HashCell™ Cloud when you notify HashCell™ Cloud of a (suspected) breach of HashCell™ Cloud’s acceptable use policies.

Copies of documents and information that certify your identity according to applicable law.

Why HashCell™ Cloud processes your personal information

HashCell™ Cloud processes your Data for the following purposes:

Processing of orders and provision of services.

Conducting market research, conducting retention and customer satisfaction surveys, conducting marketing activities (including email newsletters and social media), conducting sales activities (including analyzing your Data and your use of HashCell™ Cloud services for making (personalized) offers and quotes with the aim of entering into a customer relationship, and/or maintaining, renewing or expanding a customer relationship) and offering promotional games of chance.

Communicating with customers:

- to provide information about services of HashCell™ Cloud;

- to provide information about offers, orders, provision of services, order status and payment;

- to provide support and maintenance of services;

- to handle complaints;

- to answer questions from (potential) customers.

Performing financial processes, including:

- calculating, invoicing and collecting of service charges;

- processing financial transactions regarding the acceptance of orders;

- granting debt collection rights to third parties;

- investigating creditworthiness and risk management, including prevention of overextending credit to (potential) customers and verifying whether (potential) customers will be able to comply with financial obligations.

Investigating and processing suspected violations of HashCell™ Cloud’s Terms and Conditions, Acceptable Use Policy.

Ensuring the security of persons, goods and objects, and performing fraud detection.

Conducting legal processes, including:

- conducting legal proceedings;

- collecting evidence for civil legal proceedings relating to HashCell™ Cloud’s customers.

Complying with statutory obligations, including:

- provision of data to authorities in the context of criminal investigations;

- complying with (applicable) data retention obligations;

- the provision of Data to third parties concerning customers in connection with an infringement of these third parties’ rights.

Data sharing

HashCell™ Cloud may share Data about you if HashCell™ Cloud has obtained your consent; or in cases allowed by law, with the following third parties:

Partners or agents involved in delivering the services you have ordered from HashCell™ Cloud.

Credit reference, fraud prevention or business scoring agencies, or other credit scoring agencies.

Domain name registries when HashCell™ Cloud registers a domain name on your behalf.

Debt collection agencies or other debt recovery organizations.

Law enforcement agencies, regulatory organizations, courts or other public authorities to the extent required by law.

HashCell™ Cloud’s customer, if you notify HashCell™ Cloud that this customer’s use of HashCell™ Cloud services violates HashCell™ Cloud’s General Terms and Conditions, Terms of Services, or applicable law.

A third party that has claimed that your use of the HashCell™ Cloud services violates the HashCell™ Cloud’s General Terms and Conditions, Terms of Services, or applicable law (to the extent such sharing is required by law).

Data Security

HashCell™ Cloud has implemented technical and organizational measures, to the extent technically possible, to keep your Data safe from outside attacks, loss, misuse, alteration, or destruction. When collecting, processing or sharing your Data, HashCell™ Cloud will use current encryption methods to protect your Data. HashCell™ Cloud has been focused on implementing fair information practices that are designed to protect your data privacy effectively. It believes that everyone benefits from the free flow of information when that information is gathered and used responsibly. The Data you may provide is shared only with authorized employees of HashCell™ Cloud, and on a limited basis, with distributors who will supply information or further data for your benefit and the other parties mentioned in this statement. In addition, HashCell™ Cloud may disclose personally identifiable information only as may be required by subpoena, search warrant, or other legal processes.


HashCell™ Cloud uses cookies and statistics to analyze how visitors use our website. Cookies contain a unique combination of letters and numbers. Cookies do not contain any form of personal data. Therefore, cookies cannot be used to identify you personally. Furthermore, cookies cannot be used to identify you on other websites. Our website uses Google Analytics cookies. By using these cookies we collect data about the usage of our website. We analyze and use this data to improve our website.

Deletion of the data collected and stored

Legislation has stipulated a wide range of obligations for the collection and storage of data. After expiration of such periods, the corresponding data will be routinely deleted by HashCell™ Cloud. In addition, unrelated to these foresaid timeframes, we will delete such data as soon as the purpose outlined above does not exist any longer.

Your rights

Under applicable law, you have the right:

to check whether HashCell™ Cloud holds your Data;

to access that Data;

to amend any Data that is incorrect or no longer valid.

You may exercise these rights by contacting the HashCell™ Cloud customer Support Department through the ‘Contact/Support’ page on the website.


This Privacy Policy may change from time to time. Your continued use of our services after we make changes is deemed to be acceptance of those changes. HashCell™ Cloud advises you to periodically review this page to see if any changes have been implemented.

If you have any questions or suggestions about HashCell™ Cloud’s privacy practices, please feel free to contact us by e-mail.